Coffee and an  ill Eagle
2 Jan 2023

Coffee and an ill Eagle

Post by Barry Nalley

“I’ve learned that transparency may not help you go where you want to go
But it will help keep you from going where you’re not supposed to go,
And it will always help you go where you’re supposed to go”

Not long ago, as I read morning Headlines over my coffee, and observed the ‘new-feeling‘ ways of viewing the priceless Principled Documents this Great Nation was founded upon, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare future awaiting those willing to surrender to feelings, which frequently “lie”, versus this nations proven success with the products of equal Justice, and Liberty for all of us.

Are we giving in to the cancerous, “Cancel-Culture, Social Justice Idiocy, Only-Black-Lives-Matter-screw-you-if-you’re not”, De-fund-the-Police-we-love-ANTIFA,  movements, over keeping what really works? Those culture ideas only benefit a few, versus a nation that actually and effectively has, at its heart, a system of Justice and Equality that is unmatched anywhere!  It is clear that all of the noted anti-democratic ‘cultures’ are not…transparent! It is noteworthy that not a single one of the major cities that de-funded their police departments, or accepted these other ‘social’ ideas have seen positive benefits. They have all seen dramatic rise in crimes of all types.

Equal justice and accountability means that when an innocent and a criminal stand before a Judge their “value” within society and before the law, and as individuals, is the same… It should also insure that the Politicians in our major governing bodies be held as accountable as any of our citizens before the law! It is vital to us as a nation of equality and justice, that we have a  transparent government and Law Enforcement Community. This should mean that “We, the Community” can see that our Law Enforcement and Governing bodies are healthy, and react within and without to all with equality. Under the Rule of Law, we have a fundamental right, as individuals, to be ‘different‘… The Rule of Law we live under we also insures that we are held equally accountable, no matter our ‘station’! The idea of  “Social” Justice might be considered ‘workable’ when used as an addendum to, and never ahead of, the law in judgement and consequences. The Good Book gives us an idea of what that might be like; in Psalms 103 (verses 8 through 12), we are made to understand that there is accountability and there are consequences, but… we are not always penalized as we might deserve. We do not always suffer the full consequences, which means there is a path to insure fairness and equal justice for all. (Perhaps… we need to take a hard look at how we select our judges)

So… Who is at fault? Who is it that is willing to tear down an established system of justice that is almost unmatched in human history? Many might point to outside the country influence… Don’t buy that! The problem is shared… It’s shared by Leadership in Law Enforcement, by City Leadership, by our Representatives and Senators. Sadly, responsibility is also borne by the citizens who can vote but… Don’t!

Think about this! A nation, together, addressed the tough issues of Slavery, Fair Labor, Freedoms of Worship, Speech, Privacy, and true Equal Opportunity for all… Just because we did it, though, doesn’t mean we just sit back, and relax… We fix what we have! If we have an “Ill Eagle“, we work to get it well… we don’t break its wings!      We don’t arbitrarily “burn it down”.   We, together, work on a cure… that means, together, We The People address illegal acts and behavior; and We The People demand accountability… Because ultimately, We the People will either enjoy the benefits or… bear the consequences.

Addressing the issues facing the Law Enforcement community… LET”S BE CLEAR!   The vast majority of our nation’s law enforcement personnel act honorably.    They are necessary and vital for our nations security and well-being.  Without them, we will see anarchy, an increase in crime, and less accountability. As a “corrective” measure, the “De-fund the Police Movement” is … a thoughtless, insane idea.  Social Justice, sounds like a really fine ideal but is a proven failure whether used within its original religious arenas, or within a Marxist ideal and does nothing except destroy true equity and  justice when it is pushed to the forefront of our nation’s system of justice before the law! WE, as a nation, must be vigilant, and deal firmly and quickly with wrong-doing.     Incidents, credited to bad acting officers must be addressed, at a level commensurate with the offense; all lawlessness, like the rioting and looting which followed reported lawless enforcement officers acts should be addressed too, with equally commensurate levels of enforcement required to put a stop to it!

The job doesn’t stop there. Leadership, especially in those arenas that interface with our citizenry must, (for their survival), change the sick internal culture that says, “…if you ‘snitch’ on your buddies, then you’re off the team”.  NO!    If an officer observes inappropriate behavior, it absolutely demands addressing, for the Integrity, Honor, and Life, of the Organization!   If an officer’s inappropriate behavior is NOT addressed, for whatever reason, then the consequences of the failure is guaranteed to be shared jointly, with supervision and fellow officers. If police brutality isn’t properly addressed, then, tragically, innocent families, communities and decent police officers will suffer.

Hidden” acts of inappropriate behavior; if supervision chooses to *ignore (50%+); if fellow officers observe *(80%+) and fail to report *(60%+); if inappropriate behavior is ‘rewarded’ via lack of guaranteed accountability, then we have a problem! If less than 10% of police agencies are reporting on, and holding the miscreants responsible,  (w/est. average cost around 2 Billion dollars per year)… there is, in fact, a BIG problem!     There appears to be an average 55 million reported interactions and 25,000 complaints, of which only 8% are deemed to be worthy of pursuit… approximately 2000 complaints… NOT right… that’s only 2000 reported! How many more are not reported because of bullying internal to a department, or external, among citizenry?     Something is wrong, when we can look on line, see dozens of Citizen’s Organizations popping up, that ‘report‘ on police inappropriate behavior and view hundreds of recorded acts, nation-wide, of Police misbehavior… that never seems to come to light through the policing agencies themselves…

I will unabashedly say, that the ‘Police chief’ that explained with the following “perspective” (“Law Enforcement Today” ?): “You are 7 times more likely to be murdered …15 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident …42 times more likely to be raped …… than to have a police officer use excessive force on you”, therefore… therefore, what??? Be happy? … Well, that kind of rationalization actually matches, with it’s low bar of justification, that of some early Religious leadership, that stated…”we did slaves a favor by owning them… after all we introduced them to G-d…“. so…     Chief, did you really say that, because, quite frankly, that’s ‘full of Bull‘ talk.       Justification, no, Rationalism like that does nothing less than blurring lines between right and wrong.

Okay, what about our nation’s “Leadership” – What about our Senators and Representatives? When at least 70 members of our House and Senate routinely violate Transparency Laws with no consequence, and are routinely voted to remain in office by citizens, who do vote, ‘silently supported’ by those who don’t vote leaves us with some…  questions:

How in hell does a Representative who tells her fellow reps and constituency, “Ya gotta vote for it to know what’s innit,” remain in office?

Why does this nation allow Senators and Representatives who vote to pass legislation while not knowing what’s “…innit” to remain in office? How can we allow those same individuals who voted again the same as above to stay in office??  How can smart people vote so stupidly???

Do citizens who refuse to vote understand that “Not voting” means they’ll accept Tyranny and that they are really at the mercy of the above kind of voter???

Does, “Don’t interfere with those willfully and openly robbing, looting and destroying businesses and our way of life-let insurance pay for it!,” really make sense? Are we really that stupid in our wisdom???

None of us can change our past but all of us have power to effect  change to our future!    As a living Nation, we, like any nation, have a past that encompasses both good and bad, and while we can’t change that, we most assuredly can make sure we keep the good and decent, and correctly address wrongs.  When we require accountability for ones actions, for Lawbreakers of any kind, whether it’s within Law enforcement, in the Community, or in our Legislative bodies, we help ourselves, as well as those around us.

Let Common Sense prevail.     If… Justice is truly Blind, and knowing that Evil has no color, then, this nation is more than capable of insuring that Justice really is for all!