Coffee, A Shot of Scotch and Jellybeans!
22 Oct 2020

Coffee, A Shot of Scotch and Jellybeans!

Post by Barry Nalley
“I’ve learned…
Rushing Judgment over False Causes
Brings False Justice
And a Harsh Reality”

Coffee with a shot of Scotch can be quite good, and while coffee with an occasional jellybean usually works, some jellybeans… will ruin a great cup of coffee.  A decent Scotch can give coffee a “strong back”, while Jellybeans and Scotch don’t go together very well at all! 

So, there I was, enjoying a great cup of coffee, while eating an occasional jellybean… then I ran into one bad jellybean!  Unfortunately, though, I never saw the color of the jellybean I grabbed… When I looked into the bowl housing the jellybeans, I remembered there were more than Forty different flavors…forty!  …    I was readying myself for a round of taste-testing to find the bad bean and discovered there were multiple different tastes among some same-color beans; there were three or four different browns – one had a chocolate flavor, one brown had a coffee flavor, and one had a very unpleasant taste.  Then I found another… Okay, so there might be more than one unpleasant tasting bean.  I grabbed one of the bags the jellybeans came in, and realized I didn’t have to blindly taste in order to find out which one I didn’t want.  I didn’t need to look at the beans color either, because it just wouldn’t work that way; there were at least three yellows and four reds with different flavors, and even a black, a white, and a clear one with almost exactly the same flavor!  Identifying through color in order to determine bad from those that were good wouldn’t work!   But… I found on the back of one of the bags I’d poured jellies from, a “recipe map”, then looked on the back of the second bag and found a similar recipe map.

I didn’t need to throw away the bowl that housed the jellybeans – that simply didn’t make sense.    I didn’t need to throw away all of the beans – that was wasteful.  I also knew I didn’t need to do another ‘blind-taste’ test – why revisit my bad experience?     The recipe listing was the key to “doing it right”!    Through judicious use of the recipe listing, I identified the ones I didn’t want and was able to eliminate the ‘bad-for-me’ beans, which I could tweak, from time to time, to insure I got the ‘good-to-me’ flavors!

While eliminating the ‘bad-for-me‘ beans I also had an epiphany!


The architects of our Constitution needed a document for the nation that had a solid, sound foundation. It was to be like a house whose rooms could be remodeled or upgraded from time to time, but whose foundation was so sound that it would never need to be changed.   Chief Justice John Marshall said (the), “… Constitution was intended to endure for ages to come”, and also indicated clearly that it might need to be ‘tweaked’ from time to time through judicious use of amendments like our Bill of Rights so that it maintained its relevance to “We the People“!

Don’t throw away the bowl that houses the jellybeans because the bowl is needed to keep the jellybeans together…  *Don’t discard our Constitution, because it’s the framework that keeps our people together!

Don’t discard the jellybean recipes, otherwise you’ll be engaging in another arduous taste-test!  *Don’t toss out the proven system of Rule of Law, otherwise we will experience the bitter taste of injustice repeatedly!

Jellybeans are colorful, but color isn’t a true gauge of flavor…  *Yellow, red, black, white, or ‘thin blue’ never indicates whether an individual is good or evil!  True Justice is blind to color and status, but not to lawlessness!

Our Laws, with the Bill of rights, like a good recipe, is a faithful gauge for judging! Why, then,  should we “start over”?

A bad tasting jellybean is an unpleasant surprise, but is one that can be corrected by improving the recipe…  *An unlawful act committed by an individual can be an unpleasant “surprise”, but can be addressed and corrected through just application of our Rule of Law.  If that’s not enough, then “We the People” can ensure the Law is improved!

If we ignore the recipe, we most certainly will be tasting the unpleasant beans again and again…   *If we ignore our “System of Equal justice before the Law for all” Justice will be perverted because we will have lost the foundation upon which it stands, as well as our precious freedom to choose… and we will not enjoy the unpleasantness that follows…

Like the bowl is to the Constitution, and the recipe, which can be amended to insure its quality, is to Law, and if the Bill of Rights is an on-going ‘tweaking’ of this nations Justice System, can we not understand that discarding the Constitution, like tossing the bowl, will cause the people, like the jellybeans, to be chaotically scattered and anarchy with civil conflict will become the new norm. – Civil wars are not healthy – This nation is still tasting the bitterness of that recipe, regardless of the reason, over a hundred-fifty years later!

One last thought… If we allow the Constitution to be discarded, accept social justice in place of Rule of Law, destroy Law Enforcement, and allow our courts to become political instruments… IF we negate what generations before us fought and died for… Justice for We the People… This Nation’s worth will end up, like the bad jellybeans… in the trash!