Coffee, and Tough Issues
11 Jul 2020

Coffee, and Tough Issues

Post by Barry Nalley

“I’ve learned…

Rushing Judgment over False Causes

Brings False Justice

And a Harsh Reality”


Never rush to judgment…

Did you know?:  That the constitution and its accompanying documents were designed, by its authors, to reveal, to each succeeding generation, a better understanding of right and wrong and guide them to a better way of life, Justice, and Liberty and happiness, through changes that benefit all of our country’s people… ALL.OF.US.

It was designed to be at the heart of doing right. It was designed to remain at the heart of a Majestic, Free, Equality for all before the Law, nation unlike any other; unlike any other in the world today!

The designers knew that this “…great experiment…” had to be carefully nurtured and protected, in order to insure that we, as a nation survived the birthing process of gaining True Liberty…

The designers knew that the issue regarding slavery was a potential nation-killer, and had to, for a young nations sake, be carefully approached.

Yes, there were white slaves as well as black, but ‘white on white’ issues were less dangerous to address than a ‘white on black’ issue.  I think that is a basic, core reason for the (relative) historical ‘silence’ over ‘white’ slavery. It’s also very interesting to note that ‘black on black’ slavery is even more rarely addressed…

Yes, it is true that the first black man (Antonio Brown wikipedia) in America, who was freed, also became the first black property and Slave owner, and also established through a court case (1655) in Virginia that chattel slavery was, ‘legal’…

The historical, relative, silence over the fact that there were Black slave owners, and that some of the largest slave owners were black, is moot, because, as a “same color on color” issue, it is easier, relatively, to address, and forgive, and forget.

Alexis de Tocqueville, in his book On Democracy in America 1835 – 1840, addressing slavery, gives good background to what I’ve stated; He predicted, that this nation might face war over the issues surrounding slavery. He further predicted, that the “… very presence of blacks” would then, for generations, be a constant reminder of this nations past accommodation of slavery, and would create difficulty for assimilation of blacks into American society; not impossible, but difficult…

Thirteen Colonies, had to struggle against, what was, then, the greatest nation on earth in order to escape the oppression of unlimited taxation, suppression of free thought, disregard for Laws written for our situation, and unjust appropriation of our natural resources. Yes, our nation won the war for our Independence, but we still had, like any individual, issues to address.

When we cover our hearts and pledge allegiance, that “covering” should remind us that WE as a nation, need to protect our precious life-blood of Peace, and Liberty, and Justice for all. Protect the document that is at our heart as a free nation.

Don’t allow it to be ‘burned to the ground.

Don’t allow ‘clever’ “De-fund the police, and let us protect you”,  ‘Red Guard’ type, arguments to sway you from a proven system of Justice that works…   Remember how well, “… you… have to vote for it to find out what’s in it …” worked?

Do demand that our Law Enforcement Agencies address and correct, internally, any atmosphere that tolerates abuse or Injustice.

Do demand accountability for lawless actions of any organization that advocates destruction, Black or White, of OUR History.

Because it is Our Black and White History, Together, we as a Nation, can address our difficulties, without clever, self-serving, arguments that ask us to throw away the good we have for some, “… you have to ‘accept’ it to find out…,” lie..

Just… take time and …Don’t rush to Judgment!


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