Great Coffee and Quality of Life
27 Jul 2020

Great Coffee and Quality of Life

Post by Barry Nalley

“I’ve learned-
That regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades
and there had better be something else to take its place.” 

*** Skeete ***

I’m sitting and drinking an excellent (Robusta) Coffee, this morning and thinking about the past 33+ years of marriage to my BGFF, and what a great partnership means…

All Successful Businesses, any Corporation, the Military, and Successful Marriages, have something in common. they each have a Vision, a Mission, and a Plan for the Future. They set Goals, and they Prioritize. They lay out plans, or maps, that show both Where they are and Where they’re going… Successful businesses have good working Partnerships and… Like a business, Marriage must have a working Partnership!

Your spouse is your partner. As it is in any business, your spouse has a Vested interest in your marriage’s success or failure.  Not just the success or failure of your marriage – Your spouse has a vested interest in YOUR success! If you want to improve the quality of your life with the Military, or any other business, then include your spouse in all of your planning and decisions.

Never do this as an “after-thought” as in, “Honey come out to the driveway, and look! I just bought us a brand new truck!”

Some years ago, I had a military buddy, who drove off base in his ‘beater’ and returned with a new truck after his Friday lunch break… He was asked by a young sergeant, if he’d told his wife… “No”, came the answer…     And the young Sergeant responded, “Ohhh Yeah, Let’s see how well that works for you, partner,”      My buddy was on leave the following day…    He returned on the next duty day, with his old beater, and I believed he could’ve used another day, or two, of leave…   Make your spouse a full active partner! Plan ahead!  Keep your spouse informed about what you’re doing.  Tell them what you want to do and ask for, and expect, input!  Give weight to their advice, too  Remember, your spouse is your Partner… Your full Equal partner – One whom shares equally in your success… and whom will also equally bear the burden when you suffer set-backs.

Your loved one can help you maintain proper perspective, too!  Not long ago, and ‘not long agois relative, since my young troops  referred, behind their 1st Shirts back, to me as an “Older’n Dirt Shirt.”   Not long ago, after an important University essay exam, I shared my feelings with my wife, and bitched and moaned about how poorly I thought I’d done… I just knew I didn’t get a top score – She interrupted me, “You mean…”, she said, “…You mean you maybe just got a good passing score, and not a Great passing score? And that’s gonna matter two years from now, right?”    Her follow-up commentary helped me regain a healthy perspective, and her kiss made me feel even better!   After that, I was okay…

Priority in planning is also important. As a young couple, my BGFF and I set priorities… We planned, and over the years modified and re-worked plans,  while still keeping to the basic plans we, together, made.  Give your spouse the highest priority, and all else will fall into place! Remember, successful companies set priorities, establish goals, and work for improved quality in all they do to increase customer base – BUT.. The primary driving force behind their actions is Company survival!

Give your spouse priority! You’ll improve the quality of your life when you put them first! And your marriage will have a better chance to survive and thrive!   If you give your spouse proper priority in your life, they’ll still be with you in retirement, not as a stranger, but as a full working partner, friend, and counselor.   General Sheppard said in his address before top Soldiers and Airmen in 1994 ceremonies, that the primary reason for their success was the support that the spouses – their partners – gave them.

Improve the quality of your life! Make your spouse an active partner. Let them be a full participant in your marriage — Plan Together — Set Goals Together — As any company that reaches for success must do!    Remember a good partner will double your joys –  and – through that partnership, divide your sorrows and burdens by half.

…and if they happen to make a great cup of coffee… Yeah!