6 Jul 2020


Post by Barry Nalley

Right now, I’m into my third cup of coffee, while my fingers ‘blaze’ along at my top typing speed of just north of 40 wpm – Can you imagine driving 40mph on the freeway?…heh!   Well I’m striving for more, and perhaps, by years end, I’ll achieve the Victory of at least 60wpm.

“I’ve learned…
That we fear most in life
What we know the least about”

We see the essence of victory or defeat in almost every aspect of our lives; in business, in relationships, in sports, and in the struggle of life itself.    We can’t get away from it, and we are engaged on either one side or the other.    Victory… or Defeat?     This engagement follows us from birth to the grave.   It engages the least of us to our greatest leaders and heroes.    In sports we see a team or an individual emerge ‘victorious’; they become ‘National Champs’ or “World Champions” for a season, while for the boxer it might only be until the next fight.

In life, we struggle to live; to live well and to live longer.    Scientists research to find the ‘secret of life’, and declare ‘Victory’ at every little step of being able to prolong life.    Still, permanent victory remains beyond their grasp!   Well, living longer might require something additional to be worth striving for; like being able to live a life of peace and happiness with love, health and all good and decent things available to us.
With those things it might…Just…be worth seeking.

Well… this is an ‘imperfect’ world we live in, and it seems that living perfectly in an ‘imperfect’ world still might be …tough.    We recognize that there are two sides to life; physical and spiritual. They are intricately intertwined, and ‘right’ living implies that we need to involve both sides to declare the victory of a life worth living.

A Life worth living is, in fact, attainable! Nope. Not a fairy tale and the ‘Good News’ is that it’s available to everyone. There are no fees involved; it’s ‘FREE’, and it involves free choice (yours alone). There are also no ‘special’ requirements (as in wealth, intelligence, station in life, occupation, or Age).    It’s a ‘Personal’ experience.  It’s not about being a part of a ‘new’ or ‘old’ religion; it’s not even a “Religion”!

What we are talking about is simple – a way of walking in life.    It’s about walking with G-d, and living for G-d is Basic, Practical, straight-forward and “Every-Day-Common-Sense”!

What’s needed from you? Recognition, Teshuvah, Sacrifice, a desire for Reconciliation and a simple Trusting Request…

(Recognition) My life isn’t complete without the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I want G-d in my life! It’s my personal choice; no one else can do this but me and I myself can see that I am not living as G-d would have me live.

(Teshuvah- considering and turning away from…) I regret my wrong-doing; I’m determined to change; to choose what’s right and guard against doing wrong.  What must I do to change? What ‘sacrifice must I make?
(Repentance) Psalm 51 is a prayer of contrition and recognition of what G-d desires from us; in verse 17  I can see, “the sacrifices of G-d” are of the heart!  Those sacrifices are my sorrow for my wrong-doing, along with my desire to do right.

Living for the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a personal choice; the way of living for G-d is common to all of us. G-d promises us, every one of us, that if we will strive to learn and apply His precepts, He will give us a better life.

(Paying the Price) G-d promised (Dt 18:18 – Expect a Messiah) that He would provide us with a way for reconciliation to Him, which has been done through the sacrifice of G-d’s son on the stake, or Tree.   What has been done provides for a way to salvation through the Messiah Yeshua.    Yeshua has paid a debt for us that we could never pay.    G-d, through His son, has given us an unmerited kindness by paying a debt, in full, in our place.   Gal 1:11 – “The Good News is not a human product. It is unmerited favor from G-d”

** Rom 3:21-26 “Paul points out that we all sin, that G-d is G-d of both Jew and Gentile and that we become one through Him.  He points out that Bible reading, or observance, simply indicts us and it is a good measure – reading the Good Book causes us to Think about what we do, and how it might effect us or those we interact with.

While reading G-d’s Word helps points out a correct path of living, it doesn’t save us. Rather, it is G-d who saves, through His son, Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua, literally means, Salvation!   We still follow instructions from the Good Book (‘Old’ and ‘New’) always, but there is a difference!  “What is it?”

(Trust) **Ps 37:3 – “Trust in the Lord and do good things.” Trust and have confidence that G-d’s word is true!   G-d has given us a way for full Reconciliation to Him!  We can have Faith that His word is true, that He is Faithful always to us, and that through His wonderful compassion and grace he has provided us a way of walking that is fully in keeping with His covenant for all of us.    Hebrews 9 tells us that the price for sins, all of mankind’s, has been paid, with finality, once for all time!  G-d has given us a gift!   And we can have full confidence that our part is simply this: Accept G-d’s living word that He, through His son, the Anointed one, has forgiven our sins! What does this mean?

1st John 1:9 – When we confess our sins G-d is quick to forgive us. In Isaiah 65:24 G-d says, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” When we call in the name of His son, our Messiah, our sins are forgiven…even as we speak! Is 58:8-12 – We are told when we accept G-d’s gift of Salvation (Yeshua), “…your righteousness shall go before you… and, the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul.
“So,” you ask, “What does this cost me?” Nothing; payment has already been made in full!

“What do I have to lose?” Your sins!

“What do I keep?” Your identity, fulfilled; trusting that G-d has given you freedom from penalty for all sin through His son who (Rom 8:26-27, Heb 7:24-25) stands before Him in constant intercession for you as you fulfill the charge (Dt 6:4-9, Matt 22:37-40) of “Loving G-d with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and Loving your neighbor because he is like yourself!”

“What do I need to do?” Here is your plea:
“Our Father, G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I ask for Your mercy in Justice and in judgment.  I turn from my wrongdoing, and accept Your forgiveness and salvation made possible through your Son, our Messiah. I realize that through His death and resurrection You have provided me with the path for reconciliation to you. Let this be the beginning of a new way in my life, my living faith in Your promise of salvation. Blessed is Your Holy Name forever!”

Note: This is available for a limited (your life) time only!  Take it for a FREE trial. If you like it, then keep it with NO additional cost because the price has already been paid.

VICTORY: success in a contest or struggle; the defeat of an opponent; the overcoming of obstacles.
DEFEAT: to frustrate; to bring to nothing; to overcome or vanquish
GIFT: Voluntary transfer from one to another without compensation
SACRIFICE: Fulfillment of Torah
RECONCILIATION: Bringing into harmony
TESHUVAH: Self-examination, Sorrow/regret over what has been done/left undone and firm determination to choose right over wrong. A sage, centuries ago, noted that this choice should be made “the day before we died… ” – think about that!
FORGIVE: To give up all claim to punish; to pardon or to cancel all debt
TRUST: Confident expectation and hope or anticipation and reliance
CLEANSING: to free from, or to remove, impurity
SALVATION: Preserving from destruction

When considering G-d’s wonderful Gift of Salvation, our focus needs to be on what we can do, say, and teach, that is accurate and right.
While our past is unchangeable, our future is not; Tomorrow is G-d’s gift that will be at least partially comprised on what we do in the present.

What better way is there, then, than in living according to G-d’s word?


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