Unjust Actions, Injustice and Blind Justice
6 Jun 2020

Unjust Actions, Injustice and Blind Justice

Post by Barry Nalley

In a post about George Floyd, I referred to Tony Timpa of Dallas… There are many other “incidents” like Tony Timpa and George Floyd, where crimes, committed by “Rotted-out”, corrupt Officers, who are ‘protected’ by Senior Supervision, usually lie unanswered; Until brought to light by concerned citizens, where those crimes are then globally assigned to include ALL officers, or wrongfully applied as “racially-motivated” actions, and then Globally assigned to all law Officers.

I’m puzzled! Real Justice doesn’t recognize Race, Uniform Color, OR Creed, does it?

For George Floyd:

Injustice is “seeing” FOUR Officers representing FOUR DIFFERENT Races commit a Murder and calling it “Racism”.

For Tony Timpa:

Injustice is “seeing” THREE corrupt cops, BLACK and WHITE,  in Dallas Murder a man, who was NOT even under arrest,  and only facing ‘misdemeanor’ charges!

For Citizens Nationwide:

Injustice is FAILING to separate wrong from right: Allowing Lawless rioting, Looting and Mayhem to continue is absolutely, irrevocably, WRONG!

Lawful Protests are absolutely, Right!

Pursuing Justice by prosecuting Murderers, and Lawbreakers, regardless of color, is absolutely, justifiably, right!

For ALL of us:

Frederick Douglas, had it right, when he said, “Where justice is denied… neither persons, nor property will be safe…”

Let us, as We The People, Pursue Justice!